It only ends once…


Whodunnit – The Reunion

This is the solution of the whodunnit, written by Ajay Nair, on Blogadda. It is my entry for the Mystery Fiction “Whodunnit” contest.

There has never been any love lost between the twins (Infact, hadn’t they even tried to drown each other once?). Both have gone their separate ways a long time ago and, as far as I can tell, they haven’t been in touch ever since.

Sia has never really loved her sister enough to weep after her death. Sure, there would have been some sadness (they had been twins after all) but they haven’t cared about each other enough to feel real pain – the strange arm-bands are proof for that.

Lila didn’t die. Sia did. And Lila killed her.

When Sia went into Lila’s room to say her last goodbyes, Lila probably tricked/bribed her into pretending to be Lila as a “prank” to lighten the mood of the “party” before slipping poison into her tea – which Lila must have offered to Sia the same way she offered tea to the narrator.(Hey, I can only guess!) Lila must have known the poison will take some time time to kick-in giving her ample time to settle in as Sia.

Lila has been planning this for a very long time. She is dying and before that happens she wants payback for all times these people have dared to try and kill her! She has ensured that everybody she hates is in the same place at the same time. I can only assume that Lila will lie and trick her way out of this, make her escape and never been seen again as “she’s very smart that way”.

I enjoyed this contest extremely and have tried my best to solve the whodunnit. Hope it does justice to the orignal story.

I was also tempted to extend Ajay’s story to incorporate the identification of the killer in it as well. Hope you like it!

I watched the woman weeping in front of me. There had never been any love lost between the twins (Infact, hadn’t they even tried to drown each other once?). Both went their separate ways a long time ago and, as far as I could tell, hadn’t been in touch ever since.

Sia had never really loved her sister enough to weep after her death. Sure, there would have been some sadness (they had been twins after all) but they hadn’t cared about each other enough to feel real pain – the strange arm-bands were proof for that. Sure enough, there was something off about the heaving sobs coming from Sia. It was little too loud, a little too drawn out, a little too…forced.

I frowned and turned towards the others, to see if they had noticed the same thing. I saw M, R and G standing like statues with their mouths open, unable to take in what had happened, horrified that someone had finally accomplished what they had once dreamed about. I turned back once again to Sia. She had stopped sobbing and, for an instant, looked directly at me…and smiled. I gasped! How well I knew that intense, calculating look! How well I knew that crooked, yet ravishing smile! I had lived with them for six years. Lila!

Thoughts came crashing down in my head as realization, disbelief, shock and repulsion crossed my face in rapid succession. Everything fell into place now. Lila hadn’t died – she was standing right here in front of me! Then, that must mean…Sia. I turned towards the room filled with cops and forensics now. Sia was in that room. Dead. Lila must have somehow killed her and exchanged appearances. But…how?

I looked back at Lila. She was watching me closely and smiled a small, sad smile when she saw I had figured it all out. Suddenly I realised the how and the why was unimportant. All that mattered was Lila was still alive and had played us all. She had probably planned her payback for a long time ensuring that we were all there at the right place, at the right time.

A cop walked up to Lila and asked her to come with him to the police station and sort out some paperwork regarding her sister’s murder. Too shocked to react, I saw her walk out with him, knowing that she would never been seen again; that by the time I told someone what had happened and it would be proved that the dead body was Sia’s, she would have escaped… She was smart that way. Very smart.

Months later, I got a letter from Lila. In it she had explained how she had tricked Sia into pretending to be her and poisoned her. It went into more details but only the last line caught my attention. “I have made arrangements for you to recieve this only after I’m dead. Among all of them, you were always my favourite. See you in hell.”

Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger

Catcher in the Rye came out in 1951 and has acquired a cult following since then. It was banned in the early 60’s and is especially infamous for playing a hand in John Lennon’s assassination (The killer was found holding this book in his hand. He would later claim that his life mirrored that of the protagonist of the book.) A friend recommended this book to me one day, assuring that it is “an amazing book” and that it would “change my life”.

It isn’t and it didn’t.

To be fair, this book deals with teenage issues, like angst and rebellion, and I was way past all that when I read it so maybe I wasn’t able to relate to it better.

The book follows the story of the main protagonist, Holden Claufield, who gets expelled from his school, packs up and runs away to New York in the middle of the night, instead of returning to his parent’s home as he’s scared of what they might say. He then spends three days there, going dancing with complete strangers and employing the services of a prostitute just to get rid of the loneliness he’s feeling.

He eventually sneaks back home to talk to his little sister, Phoebe, whom he adores and who is the only person in the world he can “talk” to. While there, he shares a fantasy with her about him wanting to become the guardian of a group of children playing in a rye field at the edge of a cliff and catching them when they get too close to the brink – a Catcher in the Rye.

The rest of the story is about Holden meeting his old English teacher, Mr. Antolini (who offers him advice on life saying “A weak man is willing to die for a cause but a strong man lives humbly for one.”) and then deciding whether he wants to go back home and “face the music” or not.

Even though the book has it’s moments, I’m not too sure of the message it is trying to send through. Holden is portrayed as a cynic who just about mistrusts every adult and labels each as a “phony” as they are “very superficial and are full of pretences”. He always sees something bad in everybody and is shown running away from his fears instead of facing them.

The entire book has a very bleak and depressing tone to it and I would not recommend anybody to pick it up when they are already down as it will just make that feeling ten times worse (A mistake I made). Worth a read  for anyone going through or trying to understand “teen angst” but it is definitely not my cup of tea.

Thursday Thirteen #6

Now, as I have mentioned before, I like Facebook. I adore and cherish the various (and totally random) friend requests/group invites/cause invites/assorted app requests/pokes/thrown pillows, cakes, sheep/mood updates/prediction updates/horoscope updates/Mafia war, Farmville, Petville, Fishville, Cafe world news/status updates which are either meaningless, emo-esque, crappy lyrics from a bad song from an even bad-er band or mundane news flashes of what people are doing at the moment (“Drinking tea right now”, “Going to bed now”, “In the bathroom, paying for eating at a shady roadside dhaba right now” etc), as much as the next person.

So you can imagine my delight when I came across these. Ranging from the obscure to the bizarre, from the grammatically incorrect to the just plain stupid, from the disturbing to the good ol’ WTF?!…

Thirteen of the best groups to never join on Facebook

The Exam Anamoly…

… A.k.a The 12th Commandment – “Thou shalt do anything but study until the day before the actual exam. (And then bitch and moan and kick yourself for it later)”


Dear Facebook friends,

I love you, you know that right? Atleast I love most of you (The people who I barely remember from the blurry, what-was-I-thinking haze that was high school, can eat my shorts) but that does NOT mean I like the gazillion updates I get from you about Farmville, Mafia Wars, Friend of the day, Date of the day, Prediction of the day and such like.

Now, read this carefully – come on, say it with me – NOBODY CARES. (To be repeated as long as it takes for the message to sink in (Am I the only one who thought of Umbridge just now? Hehe.))

You are crowding up my already hideous-looking wall. The “skip” button is there for a reason! Use it people! You are teetering on the fine line that is between toleration and getting deleted from my friend list.

You’ve been warned.

An irate friend.


Dear Fast-approaching Final Exams,

(And by fast-approaching I mean two days away.)

I Hate You.

Hatefully yours,
Someone who has always hated you, currently hates you and will continue to hate you.


Dear Fast-approaching Final Exams,

(And by fast-approaching I mean two days away.)

(Ignore my last letter. I did not mean that. I was high. Actually that wasn’t even me! It was my…evil twin?)

I Love You. 😀
Have I mentioned how pretty you look today? 😀
Be nice to me 😀

Someone who has always liked you, currently likes you and will continue to like you 😀

Dear Dressed-up People in the Bus Station,
Don’t y’all look mighty fine today! With the poofy dresses and the high hemlines and the low necklines (so low infact one wouldn’t even know where the neckline ended and the dress began) and the weird accessories in your hair. Where are you going? Is there a party somewhere I’m not aware of? Take me with you 😦
What’s that? I don’t have a dress you say? Not to worry! I shall take any of my longer shirts and with a rip here and a strategic tear there, I should be looking no different from any of you! What do you say?
Someone who’s good to go.
Dear Classmate-I-had-no-idea-existed,
Who are you? Have I met you? How did you get my number? And even if for some reason, somehow, you did get my number, stop passing it on to strangers. Especially to strangers who work in a gym. Who then call me up (and pronounce my name so perfectly I am tempted to stand up and applaud them (Aussies) while wiping tears of joy from my eyes (Although they did call me Suman at first)) saying I was “recommended” to them by you and ask me if I would like to join. Are you trying to tell me something?
Someone who’s not entirely sure what to make of this.


The Ghost

“It was a dark, cloudy night. Not a single star was visible in the sky. The street was as silent as a graveyard…”



“Stop reading that story out loud!”

“Hey, you were the one who said he was bored. I thought a story might liven things up a bit…”

“Not this story, okay? Anything but a ghost story, especially considering the situation we are in right now.”

“Sheesh. Okay, okay. Keep your pants on…”

19-year old twins, Peter and Riley were driving along in the middle of the night to their aunt’s house. Peter, the older of the two, was the sensitive one. He had always been afraid of the dark and everything that came with it – creepy-crawlies, the boogeyman, ghosts… you name it – and today was no different. Riley, on the other hand, was the braver of the two. He didn’t really believe in ghosts and such like, and privately thought his brother was over-reacting.

“It’s your fault we are in this mess right now,” Peter, who was driving, said presently. “You know that right? If you weren’t so late we wouldn’t have missed the train and we wouldn’t have had to rent this pathetic excuse for a car and we wouldn’t have had to drive all the way over to Aunt Cathy’s place for Thanksgiving dinner IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! You know that right?” Peter threw his brother a venomous look.

“I did say I’m sorry, didn’t I?” said Riley not sounding sorry at all. “Don’t nag. Stop acting like Mum…”

Peter gnashed his teeth and an uneasy silence fell over the twins. As Peter rounded a corner, the car’s headlights lit up the road ahead and revealed a white object that seemed to be moving. Peter immediately hit the brakes.

As the twins squinted to get a better look, they saw that the white thing had hands and legs and even a face! It seemed to be moving towards them, all the while pointing and gesturing wildly with its hands.

As they had been talking about nothing else for the past half hour, only one thought leapt into their minds. Both of them looked at each other and screamed at the same time.


Peter hit the accelerator while Riley yelled, “I thought they didn’t exist but I’m a believer now! GO! GO! GO!”

And almost hitting the object in question, they drove away from there as though their lives depended on it, without looking back even once.

Meanwhile, the white “object” was removing the hood of a white parka from its head. “Damn!” the man muttered. “Never even got a chance to ask for a lift. Why did they have to drive off like that, anyway? Brrr…Hope the next car comes by pretty soon, I’m freezing!”

You know you are going to have a bad day when…

  • You weren’t able to sleep the previous night.
  • You wake up with a distinct feeling that you hate all mankind (Notice I said “man”kind).
  • You rush to the kitchen to eat something as you are hungry on account of not having eaten anything the previous night and you find out that it is your turn to fix breakfast…and you forgot.
  • You try to make yourself feel better by listening to your song (Breathe – Anna Nalick; try it) over and over and the iPod battery dies on you.
  • You realise you are on your way to becoming a cynic and an atheist on the same day. 

Somebody up there really has it in for me.

I’m going back to bed. Hmpf.