She dreamt that she was floating. She was wearing her favourite dress and her sparkly blue shoes. Her eyes shone and her heart was filled with inexplicable joy. She looked around her and saw brilliantly coloured bubbles floating alongside her. All noise was oddly muffled as though she was underwater. She heard soft music and saw her music box in the distance, playing her favourite tune. She hummed along and giggled. As she looked, all her beloved books came flying at her and spun around her. She remembered each one of them. They were all her best friends.

“Get up and make yourself useful! Everyday we go through the same thing! You are going to make your old mother do all the work, while you still loll around in bed like a princess? Just tell me now, what good are you? Can you do atleast one thing right? Tell me, have you ever made anybody happy in your Life? I wish you had never been born. You have no friends, no job, no life. I pity you! You will never improve. Mark my words, you will suffer in your life. Just look at your younger sister. She’s a much better daughter to me than you ever were or will be. She’ll go places one day and you’ll sit and weep for not having listened to your mother. I wish I had died along with your father, then I wouldn’t have had to put up with the likes of you. I can’t wait for the day you get married and get out of this house. But who will marry you? You are so fat and ugly, I think I’ll be stuck with you for the rest of my life…”

Her mother’s voice cut through the air harshly, echoing out of the darkness. She covered her ears and tried to block it out and stop it from boring into her, stabbing her right in the heart. Tears filled her eyes and she bit her lip to stop herself from screaming out loud. She heard a sound behind her and snapped her head around. From the darkness, she saw something solid coming towards her. It had it’s arms stretched out as though inviting her for a hug. As it came closer, she saw it was smiling at her and, in fact, looked a lot like…

“Dad!” she screamed softly. An over-powering sense of peace and relief washed over her. She smiled and floated into his arms. She looked at his smiling face that had almost faded away from her memory in the past fifteen years and saw nothing but love and acceptance there. She sighed deeply and held him tighter.

Those sleeping pills had worked after all.


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