The Exam Anamoly…

… A.k.a The 12th Commandment – “Thou shalt do anything but study until the day before the actual exam. (And then bitch and moan and kick yourself for it later)”


Dear Facebook friends,

I love you, you know that right? Atleast I love most of you (The people who I barely remember from the blurry, what-was-I-thinking haze that was high school, can eat my shorts) but that does NOT mean I like the gazillion updates I get from you about Farmville, Mafia Wars, Friend of the day, Date of the day, Prediction of the day and such like.

Now, read this carefully – come on, say it with me – NOBODY CARES. (To be repeated as long as it takes for the message to sink in (Am I the only one who thought of Umbridge just now? Hehe.))

You are crowding up my already hideous-looking wall. The “skip” button is there for a reason! Use it people! You are teetering on the fine line that is between toleration and getting deleted from my friend list.

You’ve been warned.

An irate friend.


Dear Fast-approaching Final Exams,

(And by fast-approaching I mean two days away.)

I Hate You.

Hatefully yours,
Someone who has always hated you, currently hates you and will continue to hate you.


Dear Fast-approaching Final Exams,

(And by fast-approaching I mean two days away.)

(Ignore my last letter. I did not mean that. I was high. Actually that wasn’t even me! It was my…evil twin?)

I Love You. 😀
Have I mentioned how pretty you look today? 😀
Be nice to me 😀

Someone who has always liked you, currently likes you and will continue to like you 😀

Dear Dressed-up People in the Bus Station,
Don’t y’all look mighty fine today! With the poofy dresses and the high hemlines and the low necklines (so low infact one wouldn’t even know where the neckline ended and the dress began) and the weird accessories in your hair. Where are you going? Is there a party somewhere I’m not aware of? Take me with you 😦
What’s that? I don’t have a dress you say? Not to worry! I shall take any of my longer shirts and with a rip here and a strategic tear there, I should be looking no different from any of you! What do you say?
Someone who’s good to go.
Dear Classmate-I-had-no-idea-existed,
Who are you? Have I met you? How did you get my number? And even if for some reason, somehow, you did get my number, stop passing it on to strangers. Especially to strangers who work in a gym. Who then call me up (and pronounce my name so perfectly I am tempted to stand up and applaud them (Aussies) while wiping tears of joy from my eyes (Although they did call me Suman at first)) saying I was “recommended” to them by you and ask me if I would like to join. Are you trying to tell me something?
Someone who’s not entirely sure what to make of this.


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