The Ghost

“It was a dark, cloudy night. Not a single star was visible in the sky. The street was as silent as a graveyard…”



“Stop reading that story out loud!”

“Hey, you were the one who said he was bored. I thought a story might liven things up a bit…”

“Not this story, okay? Anything but a ghost story, especially considering the situation we are in right now.”

“Sheesh. Okay, okay. Keep your pants on…”

19-year old twins, Peter and Riley were driving along in the middle of the night to their aunt’s house. Peter, the older of the two, was the sensitive one. He had always been afraid of the dark and everything that came with it – creepy-crawlies, the boogeyman, ghosts… you name it – and today was no different. Riley, on the other hand, was the braver of the two. He didn’t really believe in ghosts and such like, and privately thought his brother was over-reacting.

“It’s your fault we are in this mess right now,” Peter, who was driving, said presently. “You know that right? If you weren’t so late we wouldn’t have missed the train and we wouldn’t have had to rent this pathetic excuse for a car and we wouldn’t have had to drive all the way over to Aunt Cathy’s place for Thanksgiving dinner IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! You know that right?” Peter threw his brother a venomous look.

“I did say I’m sorry, didn’t I?” said Riley not sounding sorry at all. “Don’t nag. Stop acting like Mum…”

Peter gnashed his teeth and an uneasy silence fell over the twins. As Peter rounded a corner, the car’s headlights lit up the road ahead and revealed a white object that seemed to be moving. Peter immediately hit the brakes.

As the twins squinted to get a better look, they saw that the white thing had hands and legs and even a face! It seemed to be moving towards them, all the while pointing and gesturing wildly with its hands.

As they had been talking about nothing else for the past half hour, only one thought leapt into their minds. Both of them looked at each other and screamed at the same time.


Peter hit the accelerator while Riley yelled, “I thought they didn’t exist but I’m a believer now! GO! GO! GO!”

And almost hitting the object in question, they drove away from there as though their lives depended on it, without looking back even once.

Meanwhile, the white “object” was removing the hood of a white parka from its head. “Damn!” the man muttered. “Never even got a chance to ask for a lift. Why did they have to drive off like that, anyway? Brrr…Hope the next car comes by pretty soon, I’m freezing!”


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