I love Orkut, don’t you? (No, this is not another one of those “I-love-orkut-and-or-or-facebook-and-here’s-why” posts). It’s this one place where you can find anybody and I mean A-N-Y-B-O-D-Y. Well, okay, almost A-N-Y-B-O-D-Y. Seriously. You won’t believe the number of people, who I needed to find – the reasons for which I decline to share – I’ve found on orkut.

Ahem. Yes. Well. Let’s pretend that totally didn’t sound stalker-ish, shall we? (Don’t you judge me! You know you’ve done it too)

Anyway, a couple of days ago an old classmate of mine found me there after ages and we spent a very enjoyable time catching up. That is, until she said that I hadn’t changed a bit in all these years.
I mean, come on, I would like to think that I have changed atleast a little, considering the fact that the last time we spoke to each other we were titchy little things, all of twelve! But what she said got me thinking though so I did some, er, self-analysis and came up with a “Then and Now” table, a part of which I will now present here. Heeheehee.

Me at 12
Me at 22
*Favourite tv shows – Disney cartoons
*Favourite tv shows – Spongebob Squarepants. And Disney cartoons.
*Hated milk.
*Hates milk.
*Addicted to TV.
*Addicted to TV and Internet.
*Crushed on the kid who smiled at her from across the room and lent her his pencil once.
*Crushes on the guy who smiles at her from across the room. Also celebrities and fictional characters.
*Preferred staying at home and reading a book to going out to YET ANOTHER family get-together.
*Prefers staying at home and reading a book/listening to Coldplay/Cheb Mami to going out to YET ANOTHER family get-together.
*Couldn’t do mental arithmetic.
*Can’t do mental arithmetic.
*Believed in fairytales and Happy-endings.
*Believes in fairytales and Happy-endings (the fool)
*Thought Captain Planet was the coolest guy ever.
*Thinks Wentworth Miller is the coolest guy ever.

Hmmm. Haven’t changed much, have I? I guess, I’m kinda still that wide-eyed, 12-year old who used to go into raptures everytime she got her hands on a new book or found a song that described a part of her perfectly or visited a beach and cried at happy endings in movies, made jokes that only she got, couldn’t tell the difference between assume and presume, made outrageous plans for the future, knowing fully well they might never come true but secretly hoping anyway that they would, and loved to eat ice cream in the blistering heat, eat ice cream in the biting cold….eat ice cream, period.

But, you know, as someone awesome – *fake cough* me *fake cough* – once said,

“I’m in no hurry to grow up right now. I have the rest of my life to do it.”

(Yes, yes, I know. Hold your applause people. You are too kind. Really. Cut-It-Out – à la Joey in “Full House”? No? Ok, am I the only one who used to watch that show???)

On that riveting note, let me end my little soliloquy and leave you with the following piece of tête-à-tête (Oh yeah, I’m all about the big words today) –

Me : The computer’s monitor is busted. It needs to be replaced.
My sister : But what about all the stuff I’ve stored? It’s all gone then!
Me (deep sigh) : Ok, why do you think they call it the computer monitor?
My 18-yr old, B.Com student of a sister (very seriously) : ‘Cause it monitors the computer.

I love her.


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