Seriously? Seriously.

Dear random-ass people who somehow manage to find me on orkut/facebook/skype no matter how hard I try to ignore you or how many times I block you,


I don’t like you. I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t want to know you. I definitely don’t want to “make friendship” with you.

No, you saying I have a beautiful name/smile, won’t make me swoon. Or you asking “wanna be mah fren?” won’t make me click that “accept” button any faster. Or you typing English “lyk dis” won’t make you any less repulsive. You still creep me out. You still make me wish humanity had died out centuries ago. You still make a drooling baboon look more intelligent than you are.

As my bestie very eloquently puts it, “Go jump into a dry well, ya”

A special message to the guy who asked me, “how come you speak Tamil, if you weren’t born in Tamil Nadu?” – Dude. Do you actually listen to yourself when you speak?


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