…is my word for the day.

Ok, moving on.

Fairytales. Now what are those all about? Oh I know it’s about magic and faith and love and the triumph of good over evil and blah blah blah, but what about the little things hidden innocently in the midst of all that OTT storylines with an insufferable amount of “awwww” moments?

What morals exactly are they – and by “they” I mean the vile, callous sadists who came up with this kind of poppycock in the first place with the sole intention of giving us false hope that life is full of fun and joy and true love and happily-ever-afters, WHEN IT IS CLEARLY NOT THE CASE (You can guess my mood-of-the-day by now, can’t you?) – trying to teach the kids when they speak about a 16-year old mermaid who decides to leave her family for a guy she has just met, who might or might not dump her for a witch cleverly disguised as a hottie, and then ends up marrying him…at the age of SIXTEEN!

Or when they speak about two 9-year olds who get lost in the forest only to chance upon a house made of chocolate and what-not (Yes, go ahead kids, wander off into the woods on your own, you might just find a house made of yummy treats! …if you don’t get killed first.)

Or when they tell us about how a girl who had loads of problems did nothing about it except sit infront of the fireplace and cry so that (out of sheer frustration, I’d like to think) a fairy had to appear and solve her problems for her using magic!

Or when they speak about the various villianous step-moms/siblings/wolves/dwarves/witches who just happen to be not so gifted in the beauty department or about all the good guys who just happen to be excruciatingly beautiful?

And incidentally, why is it always a damsel in distress and a fair knight/prince to the rescue? Why has a male never screwed up and a woman come to save him? (Well, apart from ‘Beauty and the Beast’. That’s the one tale I like. How she falls in love with him inspite of him being hideous and all, and how she saves him and all)

I conducted an interview with an average fairytale-reader and here’s an excerpt –

So, you like fairytales, eh?
Oh yes! I love them!

What do you like about them?
They are just so magical! Full of happy endings. I like happy endings!

Right. But, don’t you think that they are unrealistic and highly exaggerated with shades of male chauvinism?
Er…well, yeah…but…they are so pretty! And there’s magic and true love and stuff like that in them!

Uh-huh. So what’s your favourite fairytale?
Oh. Um, well I really like Snow White. That Dopey is just so cute!


P.S – The interviewee might or might not have been me.

P.P.S – Clearly, I have issues. I’m also extremely bored.


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