Thursday Thirteen #5

When was the last time you –

  • Sang into a hairbrush at the top of your voice in front of the mirror?
  • Jumped into a puddle and didn’t care about the state of your clothes?
  • Finished your ice cream in 2 minutes flat and looked around to see if someone would share theirs with you?
  • Played your favourite song as loud as possible, over and over again?
  • Walked barefeet on wet grass?
  • Got excited at the prospect of going to the zoo/beach/park/anywhere?
  • Played a game where you made up the rules as you went along?
  • Made up a secret language for just you and a friend?
  • Found a pretty stone and kept it?
  • Laughed your head off for no particular reason?
  • Painted with your fingers?
  • Gave yourself a lame nick name?
  • Found no money in your wallet and didn’t care?

Just when did you grow up?


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