Trelawney would have been so proud of me

Everyone has their share of bizarre dreams. I have too. For reasons unknown, I will now proceed to share some of them with you. Whether you like it or not. Deal with it.

  • I’m in an ancient, creepy house with a baby in my arms. All the doors slam shut suddenly and the baby disappears. I now have to find the baby and rescue it while battling dangerous, thorny vines and goo-spurting blobs of god-knows-what. Extra points for collecting baby formula and diapers along the way.
    (Note to self – No more video games before bed)
  • I’m in a store buying socks. The enitre dream, I’m buying the same pair of socks, from the same guy. Over and over and over…
  • Remember the time I told you about me dreaming that I drowned a fish? Yeah, well, this time my cryptography professor turns into a pink, talking fish, tries to attack me, fails, jumps into a space shuttle (still as a fish) and shoots off into space. Seriously. You can’t make this stuff up.
  • I’m a nanny to four kids – not just any ordinary kids, kids with super-human powers. Wait, what’s this? Gasp! The world is under attack?! Super-kids, assemble!! (A la, “Justice Friends, assemble!”… from Dexter’s lab? Remember? No? Never mind.) Only…they are gone. And, yet again, I have to find them and save the day (What is it with me and losing kids?).
  • I’m a cast member of “How I met you Mother”. I’m trying to get Robin away from Ted (Don’t remember why) on a scooter (not the cute ones that kids use to play, but an ancient bajaj scooter of the bygone era which surprisingly can still be seen on the roads in India.) I don’t remember if Ted caught up with us or not, but I do remember there was always a pineapple in the scene somewhere (They never did explain away the pineapple, did they? HIMYM, FTW!!!)
  • The neighbourhood is being invaded by bats (the flying, creepy-looking, stuff-nightmares-are-made-of kind) and guess who’s the only one who can stop them? Me. (Duh.) And (yes, I started the sentence with a conjunction. So sue me) the only way to get rid of them is to sing.
    Hmmm. I wonder if I was trying to tell myself something there.

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