Why women make better conversationalists

Two people. Same conversation. A world of difference.

  • Girlfriend  : Hey! Guess wha-at?
    Me            : What? What?
    Girlfriend  : I just bought myself a new iPod!
    Me            : No way! Really?
    Girlfriend  : Yes!
    Me            : Which one is it?
    Girlfriend  : An iPod Nano!
    Me            : Coool! What’s the capacity?
    Girlfriend  : Can store data up to 8GB! Can you believe it?
    Me            : How much did you pay for it?
    Girlfriend  : Got a pretty good deal. Paid only X rupees for it!
    Me            : Awesome. What colour is it?
    Girlfriend  : Red. It’s the cutest!
    Me           : Lucky pig, you!

(Throw in squeals, giggles, promises and pinky swears made to share and coversation continues in this vein for up to 15 minutes)

  • Guy friend  : Hey.
    Me             : Hey!
    Guy friend  : So I bought myself a new Apple iPod. 30GB. Got a good deal for only X rupees.
    Me             : Oh…Really? Um, Awesome!
    Guy friend  : Yeah.

(Conversation lasts for less than a minute, the better half of which is spent by me thinking of what to say next)

Not that I don’t love my guy friends – I do – but, thank God for girlfriends!


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