You know you can’t catch a break when…

  1. The post you’ve just painstakingly typed disappears mysteriously into oblivilion just as you are about to click on “publish post”. And no, it hasn’t been saved either (Damn you, Blogger! *shakes fist*)
  2. You just can’t seem to lose weight! (I blame the delicious, creamy, mouthwatering, cannot-be-described-in-words-they-are-that-amazing ice creams found here. Honestly, I think I’m in love)
  3. You find that you cannot survive the day without the Air Conditioner on full blast. (I doubt if even Madras is this hot)
  4. You crush on the blonde, blue-eyed cutie on the bus who, very sweetly, helps you out when you manage to get yourself lost the very first time you try out the public transport and you realize you are never gonna see him again (Dear Cupid…we need to talk.)
  5. …(Speaking of which) This year, you know it’s gonna be another Valentine’s Day spent at home watching “Notting Hill” with a box of tissues on standby (If you don’t like the movie, you are dead on the inside. DEAD, I TELL YOU!!)
  6. You realize that a friend of yours suddenly has nothing to say to you but quite a LOT to say to someone else.
  7. You are so bored alone at home that you even consider brushing up on your course subjects to kill time.
  8. You go with your 9-year old cousin to drop her off on her first day back to school and her teacher turns towards you, beaming, and asks “So, how many other kids do you have?”

It’s a wonder I don’t drink.


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