Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen Signs that he’s just not that into you

  1. He makes it a point to hate everything you like.
  2. He yawns when you are on the phone with him. And doesn’t apologize for it.
  3. He never gives you or buys you anything (despite all the souvenirs you buy for him when you go out somewhere to show him you missed him)
  4. Whenever he is with his friends he pretends that you are a part of the wall (God forbid his friends should catch him glancing even remotely in your direction!)
  5. He grabs every chance he gets to prove that you are wrong and he’s right (He actually goes to great lengths trying to prove that)
  6. He never takes you out anywhere (he says he’s afraid someone he knows will catch the two of you together.)
  7. He gets irritated with anything you say or do (or anything you don’t say or don’t do)
  8. His way of sorting out fights and misunderstandings between you two is through a mutual friend who, upon his insistence, does all the dirty work for him.
  9. Even if you do go out somewhere, he insists that a third person be present at all times.
  10. He talks to the third person more than you when you hang out together.
  11. Either you go where he wants to go or you don’t go anywhere at all.
  12. You end up paying the tab more number of times than him.
  13. He never calls you himself. When he wants to talk to you, he gives you a missed call or sends you a message asking you to call him back.

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