“We interrupt this programme for a news flash. A cruise ship named “Lucky Star” has just sunk in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The reason for the ship-wreck is, as of yet, unknown. The rescue team is already on the spot but several people are reported to be missing…” said the news anchor on T.V.

Fifteen-year old Nina, who was watching the telecast in America, screamed out loud in terror. Pam, her mother, came running out of the kitchen.

“Honey! What is it?”

Unable to speak Nina pointed to the T.V. They were now showing a bird’s eye view of the wreckage.

“…and already forty bodies have been found. There were reportedly about 200 people on that ship…” the news continued.

Pam sank onto the sofa pale with shock. She turned towards Nina. “N-Nina…your fa-father was on that ship.” Both of them hugged each other and started crying.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, two men hung on to a piece of wood trying to stay afloat. Both of them were tired to the bone.

“Ralph, we’ve got to stay alive. Come on, we can do this! Look, there’s an island over there. Let’s paddle for it.”

“Ted, I can’t do this. I’m tired…”

“Ralph, we have to do this. For our family. Help me, Ralph. Paddle!”

Both of them started paddling. Finally, after what seemed like hours, they reached the island. They lay on the beach panting hard, their hands and feet numb. Suddenly, they heard the sound of a helicopter approaching. Seconds later, it came into view.

“It’s the rescue team. They’ve come for us!” yelled Ralph.

Both men started dancing, jumping and screaming. They removed their shirts and started waving them around. Finally, the chopper turned and landed near them. Ted and Ralph ran towards it.

“I survived! I’m going to see Pam and Nina again!” thought Ted as tears ran down his face,

The reunion of the two men with their families was a tearful one. There was much kissing and hugging.

“Thanks, Ted” said Ralph as Nina clung to her father. “I never would have made it if it wasn’t for you.”

Ted smiled back at him. All was well now. He was alive and back with his family. He had done it. He was a survivor!


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