Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Things I miss about my Engineering life

  • Bunking classes and hanging out in the canteen in clear view of the staff room and the classroom windows or mass bunking to go catch the first day, matinee show of a movie (which would bomb at the box office in the coming days) and getting suspended for it the next day.
  • Passing notes to each other in class (from the last bench to someone way in the front) discussing everything right from the latest episode of Prison Break to the latest gossip going around in class.
  • Standing in the corridors during breaks and giving every cute guy in the vicinity (not that there were many) the “once over”.
  • Going “Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam” or “Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrr” every time the lecturers opened their mouths to teach us something and finally convincing them to not take class that hour and join in on our conversations instead.
  • Hanging out in the staff room and gossiping with the lecturers about their colleagues or superiors (No, really. They were that cool)
  • Writing a letter addressed to the HOD apologising or getting permission for every mundane thing we did or had to do, respectively.
  • Begging the lecturers to give us the test questions before the internals so we would have to read only those topics for the test and get full marks for it! And later begging them to give us more marks than they have already given in the internals (Sir, 1 more mark sir, please sir, my internal score will come up to 25 then sir! – God, how they must have hated us!)

  • Writing countless assignments or “special” internals so as to get our internals scores up.
  • Leaving Lab record completion till the last minute and writing them an hour before the lab starts by borrowing a friend’s book and copying what they had written word to word.
  • Attending special classes on Sundays (where only about 8 or 10 out of the 60 would show up)
  • Befriending all the lab assistants and getting them on our side so that they would help us out in the finals.
  • Bringing our cell phones into the class (when we were not supposed to) and getting them confiscated when the HOD suddenly arrived for an impromptu “raid”, even when we had hidden them in the most unlikely of places (outer window sills, inside the hems of the curtains – we’d have picked out the stitches earlier (Clever, no?), inside our socks and, sometimes, inside our clothes – don’t ask)
  • Sitting in the last bench next to the window and doing everything but listening to the lecture (talking away to glory, playing hangman, listening to the radio, looking out of the windows,finishing lab records/observation books)

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