Tippy’s sneezing fit

Ever wondered if fairies exist?

Well, they do. They are usually found in magical gardens in the backyard of empty houses. In one such enchanted garden, lived a large number of fairies, imps, goblins and other such creatures. Their Queen, Annabelle was a kind and gentle fairy. All her subjects loved her and lived in peace and harmony under her rule.

In this fairyland was a shop, where fairies got their various powders and spells to help with their magic. This shop was run by Grumpy, the goblin. Grumpy was an old goblin who was always, well, grumpy but his spells were the best in fairyland and magical creatures came from afar to buy them.

One day Grumpy got a letter saying that his friend Patchy, who lived in another enchanted garden, was very ill. Grumpy decided to go visit him. “I might as well make a vacation out of it”, he thought to himself. “I haven’t been out of this garden in years!”

So Grumpy asked his neighbor Tippy, the imp, to watch over the shop while he was gone and set off. Now, Tippy was a clumsy little imp. He was prone to knocking things over wherever he went.

Tippy opened the shop next day and set about selling Grumpy’s stores to customers. Presently, Penelope the fairy came along. She wanted some shrinking pellets. Tippy reached out for the jar of shrinking pellets on the high shelf and, being the butterfingers that he was, knocked over the next jar and some peppery-white powder fell all over him.

Immediately he started sneezing. “Aaachhooo! Aachhoo! …” poor Tippy couldn’t stop. That must have been the sneezing powder! Tippy sneezed and wheezed. Tears started rolling down his cheeks. Seeing his pitiful state, Penelope dragged him out of the store. “Tippy, you silly little imp! You are so clumsy! Now, don’t you worry. We’ll go to Queen Annabelle. She’ll know what to do.”

So they went. And when Queen Annabelle heard their story, she laughed and laughed till Tippy could have willingly sunk through the floor.

“Well. Tippy”, said the Queen. “I think you have learnt your lesson by now. Just learn to be more careful in the future.” She waved her magic wand once and immediately Tippy stopped sneezing.

Tippy was so grateful that he hugged the Queen. Then, surprised at his own daring, he ran back to the shop vowing never to be clumsy again.


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