Gnarly Dude.

I got my Visa!!!! Woohoo!!! Oh yeah!!! (Gets up and does the birthday dance – “Go Girl, It’s your birthday! Go Girl, It’s your birthday!”)

*The author would like to point out to Self that 22-year olds don’t really do the birthday dance anymore….and also don’t use excessive exclamation marks*

Yay me! 😀 I’m off to Perth, baby! 

Now, now, ma petites, wipe away those tears. I know you’ll miss me and I’m going to miss my peeps too. Ah, things may seem black right now but fear not, for I shall continue to blog from Australia and enthrall you with snippets of my (mis)adventures in the Land Down Under and add meaning to your life.

*The author would like to call Self a “Drama Queen” at this point and say that somebody missing her/her blog doesn’t really make any sense as, in essence, they are not actually going anywhere. They will continue to be found, thriving, at this blog address…and asks her to save all the theatrics till next month when she’ll ACTUALLY be leaving*

*Self would like to politely ask the author to stuff it*

I’m excited! Terrified… but excited!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a shopping list to put together, all the items of which my mum has promised to fund for.

(Evil grin)

The poor, poor woman. She won’t know what hit her.


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