10 Things I learned from watching Prison Break :

  • It’s very easy to escape from a prison. Especially if you have a psychological condition which leaves you with a photographic memory (some disorder this is!) and if you are smart enough to do your home work beforehand and get the entire blue-print of the prison, not to mention what to do when you GET OUT of prison, tattooed all over your body. (Incidentally, is it even legal for the blue-prints of a PRISON, to be made available to the public? Um, hello? EVEN I can see that no good can come out of it)

  • All it takes to drill a hole through a wall is an egg-beater and a screw with a sharp edge.

  • When you are on the run and the cops are, like, 10 feet behind you (with loaded guns and police dogs), it’s still possible to get away without a single scratch. Just don’t look back.

  • If you are the Vice-president of a country and need to speed up the process of moving on to become the President, just find a good plastic surgeon, slightly modify the appearance of your brother, get him out of the way by locking him in a safe-house, accuse an innocent man of killing him and provide fake proof to that extent and voila! Oh and poison the current President’s drinking water.

  • If you see an FBI officer who has an unusual fondness for his pen and keeps staring at the bird-bath in his backyard for no apparent reason and starts guiltily when you catch him doing it, chances are, he is a drug-addict who has killed a con and buried the body underneath the bird-bath.

  • If you, in a very bizarre way, resemble an escaped convict who is a deranged, murderous scum-bag without whom the world would be a better place, leave the country asap. Otherwise, he’ll kill you and assume your identity to hide from the cops.

  • An escaped convict who is a deranged, murderous scum-bag without whom the world would be a better place, can still be just as dangerous even after you chop his hand off. (T-Bag : love to hate him. No T-Bag, no Prison Break)

  • Panama is hot. I mean really hot. I mean really, really hot. There’s no point in showering over there; 5 seconds later you’ll be covered in sweat anyway.

  • Sona is the most disgusting place on Earth.

  • Essential things to carry in Sona : a gold pendant (in case you need to cut off the power), acetone (in case you foolishly agree to a duel which you are bound to lose), a chicken foot (in case you (foolishly) want to challenge someone to a duel), binoculars (to spy on the guards outside from the windows in case you’re planning an escape), a mobile phone (again, to plan an escape) and a coin (which helps you get over your drug issues so that you can escape a free and clean man)

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