Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen Things about Me

  1. I hate chocolate. Period. I don’t mind milk chocolates though.
  2. I’m allergic to exams. Right before any kind of test or exam you’ll find me with a full-blown cold. (I have a cold right now)
  3. The three words/phrases that I use a lot are – “Oh my God”, “Apparently”, and “You are kidding me!”
  4. I’m a bathroom singer (both literally and figuratively)
  5. I make really lame, highly complicated jokes which no one gets. But I can be pretty funny when I want to.
  6. I don’t like Chinese food.
  7. I hate the word “Spawn” in the English dictionary.
  8. I can never cheat in any exam no matter how hard I try. (Damn you, voice-in-my-head!)
  9. People whose English is better than mine tend to intimidate me.
  10. I’m a complete romantic. I believe in Happily-ever-afters. In contrast, I don’t believe in love-at-first-sight.
  11. I hate horror movies. they give me nightmares. So far, the only scary movies I’ve seen are “The Others” and “The Omen” (the new one) both of which weren’t even that scary.
  12. I love vanilla ice cream. It’s my favourite flavour.
  13. I hate shopping. I hate window shopping even more.

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